Let’s say you’re swimming in the ocean. Suddenly, you start to go under. Miraculously, a ship is passing by. Someone throws a lifesaver over the side within your reach. Do you continue to flail your arms and go down, or do you grab hold of the ring and get pulled to safety? 


We’re all on this twirling ball called earth. We meet lots of people. Everyone is different, and yet in many ways we’re alike. For example, when our world spins out of control (we blow it with family, friends or on the job) don’t we all wish we could have a do-over? 

Running for My Life

Several years ago I needed one. No, I was desperate for one. It was a matter of life and death. Not the stop-your-heart kind, but my emotions had been stripped so raw I felt as good as dead. I had been running for my life for so long, I knew I had to stop or at least slow down, but when I finally did, I saw that the dial on my Me-Me-Me meter had been set on sky high for years. I had waltzed into the lives of loved ones, friends or strangers, set “fires,” and vanished before the smoke cleared.

Razzle Dazzle

The insanity didn’t stop there. Ever since I was a child I had misused my talent as a performer to satisfy my need for attention. Acting pumped me full of self-importance. I dreamed of grand success. But after years of pining away for a bigger-than-life life, I finally gave up. With a bruised and battered ego, I finally saw the razzle dazzle for the lie it was.


My heart shattered, but as I searched for its pieces, a glimmer of hope broke through. I hadn’t prayed in many years, but that night I got face down on my bedroom floor and cried out to God. In His infinite wisdom and mercy He gave me the grace to go forward. I took hold of God’s lifesaving love, and He carried me into the new life He had planned for me—one where do-overs are a done deal!

No matter what we may be facing, the answer is always the same…

choose the Lifesaver.


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