The Light of Day

I found this piece in my story file Wednesday, 3/13/19. It was written on 6/16/16. Time had dulled my memory of the sickness, but nearly three years later, I can still recall the delight of being so close to the Lord in the midst of this trial.

*    *   *

So much of the time, life veils what truly is—we’re so busy with human doings that we don’t slow down enough to be human beings. This past week I had the opportunity to luxuriate in time with the Lord. It came disguised in fits of fever and choking so severe I could barely catch my breath. I know my abs are tighter now, thanks to the assault the coughing made on them.

Unable to lift my head off pile of pillows, I entered a state of nothingness—indescribable calm. I remember a phonecall from my friend, Vicki. “How are ya doing?” She asked.

I said, “I feel so patient. I believe I’m experiencing a glimpse of Heaven.” God’s peace was enveloping me. There were no clear thoughts, no effort. I was simply being who He had made me to be…yes, a woman taken ill…yet in the stillness my identity emerged. I am God’s blessed child…a daughter of The King…the apple of His eye…created to be His…to give Him glory!

I had been given this time to simply be. As the fever raged on, silence was my blanket—darkness, my friend. The days and nights inched by like a meandering stream. When Thursday morning came, I realized it had been five days since I’d read the Bible, or anything for that matter, but while God is seldom early, he’s always right on time.

That morning I felt refreshed, but slightly off. There was Satan’s old familiar haunt, “You’re-not-enough,” nipping at my heels. Not horrible, just edgy. I could feel the fear beginning to wrap around me. Suddenly, the book, Jesus Calling popped into my mind, and when I opened it to June 16 here’s what I read:

“Stay on the high road with Me. Many voices clamor for your attention, trying to divert you to another path. But I have called you to walk ever so closely with Me, soaking in My Presence, living in My Peace.”

Suddenly, I knew that those down days in my darkened room had been a gift—one that God had created just for me. I read on. ”What I require of you is to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with Me—wherever I lead.”

*    *   *

Thank you, Lord for leading me to the luxury of time with You. Even in the midst of sickness, You led me not only to a return to health, but, more importantly, to a re-awakening in my spirit. May this testimony reveal my heart of gratitude to You. Your Word says:  “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

May we each do the good things You planned for us long, long ago, but best of all may we be with You as You light our days.

Light of Day

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