Oh my goodness! “WOW” is under the heading of “You Just Never Know What Can Happen.” To say it delights my heart would be an absolute understatement.

The Back Story

Last Spring I was downsized out of a job at an elementary school. Never saw it coming. I was assured that I hadn’t done anything wrong. They were just “making some changes.” I spent a short time feeling sorry for myself, then my perspective shifted.  God really is BIG. He turned the whole thing around! (See my previous posts “God’s Got This 1 & 2.”)

Well, a few teachers I had worked with at the school knew that I had a passion for writing. So, they asked if I would volunteer one morning a week to help their students learn to love writing, too. They call it WOW—Writing On Wednesdays with Miss Kay. This opportunity has given me the realization that not only do I love to write, it gives me great joy to share that love with this beautiful bunch of second graders. They are all like little sponges.

What Is It For You?

 I run into people quite often who say things like, “I don’t know what I would do with myself all day if I retired.” Well, I have a suggestion. What is it that you are passionate about? Is there a place that you can share it with others? If so, do it. And if nothing comes to mind look for opportunities in your community. People who have worked all their adult lives (and even some who started as kids) have much to offer others, especially children. I can testify to this: sharing your knowledge and passion will surprise and delight you.

What Are You Waiting For?

 If I’ve learned anything it’s that there’s never a perfect time to start doing something new. It’s like getting into a cold swimming pool. If you just jump in, there will be an instant of discomfort as you register the cooler temperature, but then, what do you know, your body will soon adjust, and you’ll be refreshed. The same holds true with volunteering. There might be some awkward moments at first, but then, oh my, you’ll see. And I’m here to tell you, it will be your very own WOW experience!


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