Oh, I’m Not Crazy…Just Blessed

Ellendean’s On Facebook…

If you were looking at my Facebook page at the first of the year, you would have noticed that a new person (Ellendean Love) was posting there. Each day, since the first of the year, this southern lady has had a new word from God’s Word to share. No, my account has not been hacked by this exuberant Bible teacher. I’m sure it’s fairly obvious that I am posting AS Ellendean Love. Let me explain.

In 2003 

My pastor heard that I was an actress, so he asked if I would come up with a skit to accompany the series he was about to start on The Ten Commandments. At the time I had an acting partner and the two of us went into my backyard, and within about 15 minutes God dropped our characters into our minds and hearts. And so, Ellendean Love was born.

Southern Roots 

This character was a natural for me, because having southern roots, I had known and loved women who looked, sounded and acted like Ellendean. While my acting partner pulled out eventually, in the intervening years I have shared Ellendean’s unique teaching style and have expanded her repertoire in a variety of Christian venues.

Fast Forward to 2019 

For years my prayer has been, “Lord, what can I do to bring you glory?” He was silent for a long time, but New Year’s Day an idea flashed into my mind—post AS Ellendean. Share one word from God’s word on Facebook each day. I realized that given the climate out in the world, the audience for these posts might be small at first, but I truly believe that God will draw anybody to this page that He chooses. Meanwhile, I (as Ellendean) will be faithful to His original invitation and write what He wants me to write.

Is This Woman for Real? 

Absolutely! I (Kay) will post on Facebook from time to time, but most of what you will read in the coming year will be from Ellendean Love, a lively and colorful Bible teacher and storyteller from Fox Holler, Kentucky. And, as her name suggests, she will do it in LOVE, to celebrate just how BIG our God is!

Oh, I’m not crazy, just blessed!

I’ve written a book – STUMBLING INTO GRACEcrazyblessed. Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/Stumbling-Into-Grace-Kay-Harper/dp/1619042401?fbclid=IwAR3XeJqAKvBH2Iqc6Oc1V_TjvmJ8P1r-oMvVvSRnhAxtfqZOwt2N1quD85E

My website is http://kayharper.com/

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