Catch ‘Em If You Can

lamberts frontTen miles from my hometown in Southeast Missouri you will find, all day and into the night, tour buses parked outside of what was once an unassuming small-town eatery. That was before an American staple took the place by storm. Now, folks come from all over the country to sample what has made Lambert’s an all-out phenomenon.

What’s the fuss? Rolls—good old-fashioned cloverleaf, buttery and BIG homemade rolls, that are delicious and delightful. As special as they are, it’s the delivery to customers that has put the place on the map. Every few minutes a cart comes out of the kitchen, filled with these mouth-watery treats, and an employee, hired, no doubt, for his or her pitching precision, throws them to you. That’s right. Lambert’s has become famous for throwing its delectable rolls to its patrons as they jockey for position to catch them.

Lambert’s in Sikeston, Missouri, just off of I-55, halfway between St. Louis and Memphis, is “The Home of the Throwed Rolls!” But if you take the time to follow the recipe, now available online, you, too, can enjoy these award-winning wonders without ever having to catch them or board a tour bus. It’s just one of the many reasons I say there’s no place like home. And the next time I visit there, I’m going to catch me one.



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