I See God

This post is an excerpt from my book:

Stumbling into Grace – A Prodigal Daughter’s Long Journey Home

*  *  *

Bradenton Beach

Bradenton Beach, Florida. The tide is going out on this glorious late-summer day. Blue and white wisps are here and gone, as they checker the morning sky. Storms are brewing out in the Gulf—promising afternoon rain. But here, for now, sitting at the water’s edge, my shadow falls on this page as I record my absolute joy.

I see God in the banks of cumulus cloud mountains, and I expect Him to come back as He left—ascending to descend, coming to take the world by surprise—the Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, King of Kings. Is this the day?

I see God in the roll of the waves that slap up onto the shore—the pale emerald water washes the fine white sand, taking it away as it gives. It comes from as far as my eyes can see, and yet my eyes will never see how far it traveled.

I see God. His miraculous creation serves to bring Him close. I feel His breath in the wind—feel Him passing by. And in this moment, I know without a doubt that He is here and everywhere at work, for and within His children—never straining, never tiring, never fearing what is or is to come.

I see God. Let me embrace Him and His love that creates this wondrous display. I see God in the land of the living—the land of His creation. For He is at the heart, He is in the heart, He is the heart of all.

*  *  *

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Thank you and God bless YOU!



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