The Alpha & Omega

This is an excerpt from my book, Stumbling into Grace – A Prodigal Daughter’s Long Journey Home.

What’s the first word of the Bible? You know, don’t you? Of course, it’s “In,” as in “In the beginning….” Right? But do you know what the last word is, that is, the last word before Amen? I didn’t until one red-hot day in August.

I was driving home from work when this light bulb thought dropped into my mind. I’m convinced that God put it there to nudge me. “Take a look in my book…the whole thing. What are the Alpha and Omega…the beginning and ending words in My Word?”

Well, I knew the first word. That was easy. But I wasn’t really sure what the final word was, but suddenly I absolutely HAD to know, and, since God has a way of arranging such things, the light I was coming to was about to turn red. So I dove into the side pocket of my purse for the small New Testament I always carry, pulled it out and there it was! I stared at the word for several seconds. Amazing! I thought. Then I laughed, and said right out loud, “Amazing! God, you are simply amazing!”

What’s the final word in the Bible? Before I tell you I’d like to remind you that the Bible, the bestselling book of all time, has a jillion and one translations. Okay, that’s a little exaggerated, but there are many. However, on that day as I waited for that light to turn green, God gave me the New King James Version. What is the final word in that translation?

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Revelation 22:21 (NKJV)

ALL! God is such a gentleman. He will not pound any of us over the head with any part of His message. His subtlety is superb! So when I consider these seemingly insignificant words, in all, a mere five letters as they are taken together, the meaning becomes huge!

These tiny words provide substantial clues to the very nature of God. He placed them out in plain sight—up front and at the rear to bracket His mighty Word with blessed assurance. Right there, in black and white, He says, I am in all that was, is or ever will be, even as He commands us to keep Him in all we think, say and do.

This choice of words is no coincidence. I believe God placed them by design! In all—how could He make it any clearer?  He never misses a beat. He wants us to know that He dwells in us and in all of His creation.

“In” and “All” are the Alpha and Omega of the Holy Bible. Knowing that these particular words frame God’s Word fills me with gratitude and a sense of wonder. He has always been and will always be—In All! This is at once history (His Story) and His Promise!

See, hear, taste, touch and feel Him! He is in all! Glory Hallelujah!


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