The 4th of July is a great day to declare, I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! I am also grateful that this country offers its citizens (of a certain age) medical insurance. Although Medicare is a timely solution to my healthcare needs, signing up for it was like being in a boat surrounded by sharks. Thankfully, I had “Captain” Scott to guide me through the treacherous waters.


They started coming about two years ago—those red, white and blue postcards and pamphlets. Although I threw each one into File 13, there was always another to replace the one I’d tossed. Oh my goodness, I thought, Medicare is after me!

More disturbing was the reality that, yes, if I lived long enough, I would hit the number that is 6 followed by 5. How could this happen? Wasn’t I just headed off to college? Hadn’t I just charged off to New York to be “The World’s Greatest Actress?” Didn’t I just find my heart’s home on the Gulf Coast of Florida?

All the wishing in the world wouldn’t erase the fact that all those events were way behind me, and that that age was zooming in at Olympic speed. I admit I had a brief pity party, but then I looked up and realized that regardless of my age I was enjoying life and in a special shout-out to God, I was oh-so-grateful to have His Spirit shining within me!

Fast Forward

Well, I did live to see the inevitable. I turned 65 last October, but because my employer offered health insurance, I signed up for Medicare Part A only. That’s the hospital insurance for those of you who haven’t had to learn this stuff yet. By then, I’d gotten over my age trauma, and remembered thinking, Wow, this is cool coverage if I need to go to the hospital. (See, even the use of the word “cool” was proof that I lived through the ‘70s.)

If you’ve been following this blog, you might recall my recent post, “God’s Got This.” Although we were assured by school officials that we hadn’t done anything wrong, more than fifteen contracts were not going to be renewed. That downsizing signaled a bright red flag: my health insurance would soon be ending.

Captain Scott

Thankfully, the Benefits Department gave me the name of an agent who could help me navigate the morass that is Medicare. Boy, oh boy was I ever glad I was led to him! With the skill of a boat captain (which he had once been), Scott steered me through the watery mire of critical Medicare decisions: which carrier (dozens), which plan (hundreds). Together we maneuvered through a sea of details.

He also launched an internet investigation to ensure that the doctors I preferred were in the network of the plan I was considering. Then, he got the necessary documents signed by the proper people, filled out still more paperwork, and arranged to meet me at the Social Security office to finalize what I had discovered was Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance.)

Scott even made our visit to the SS office a 1-2-3 operation by insisting we get there by 8:30 when the doors opened. Since we were 3rd in line, we were whisked to Window “C” within minutes. Once there, I signed on the dotted line and presto-chango, I took my place in the Medicare generation!

Special Thanks

I’ve often heard it said, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” That was certainly true with this massive learning curve. Scott, thank you for your expertise and efficiency. I am now sailing on the H.M.S. BluCrosBluShield (Happily Medicare Secured!) You were a blessing from God just when I needed one. I couldn’t have done it without you or Him!



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