Idn’t God Good

Fifteen years ago, God began to channel a spark He’d placed in me even before I was born. I had been acting all my life (just ask my brothers), when a life-changing event came my way. My pastor asked if I would create a skit for a series he was preaching on The Ten Commandments. I jumped at the opportunity, and soon came up with world traveling Bible teacher, Ellendean Love to instruct the congregation. In the years since I have taught God’s Word through a variety of characters—all mighty women of  God. However, Ellendean stands out.

Note: If this dialect is foreign to you, it might be helpful to read it out loud. Ellendean hails from the hills of Kentucky, and she definitely has her very own style.

 *  *  *

Porch Sittin’

A while back I was sittin’ on my back porch in Fox Holler. You know, we’re in a valley–rollin’ hills, quiet, real peaceful, an’ there’s plenty a birds sangin’ their songs back an’ forth. So perty! It’s the most perfec’ place to hear from The Lord. What a praise!

Anyway, I was mindin’ my own business when alla sudden the word sustain came to me. Now, I been studyin’ the Bible a long time, so when a particular word pops into my mind I’ve learned to pay attention to it. I say, God’s tryin’ to tell me somethin’ here, an’ I do not wanna miss it.

A Good App

Well, when I got out my Bible to find that word sustain in a verse, there were a ton of ‘em. Seems God keeps Hisself perty busy keepin’ us keepin’ on. Truth is, I didn’t use my book Bible. No, I used that cell phone a mine. What a wonder! Never thought I’d ever git the hang a that thang, but now I don’t know what I’d do without it. Technology is fascinatin’, idn’t it?

Anyway, gotta a good app on there (I believe that’s short for application) with all kinds ways to explore the Bible. Like all those different ways to say the same thang? It’s crazy! Ever’body has their own idea about that. Those translations. Big word! Anyway, that Bible thang on my phone sure is a handy way to study the Bible!

So here’s the verse the Lord showed me:

“The Eternal sustains all who stumble on their way.

For those who are broken down, God is near.

He raises them up in hope.”

(Psalm 145:14 – The Voice Translation)

The Eternal

Now in that Voice Bible they call God “The Eternal.” That’s kinda intrestin’, cuz that name fits Him, don’tcha thank? He is eternal…been here always an’ He’s gonna go on forever an’ ever. You know?

So, anyway, I thought, Well, that’s encouragin’, Lord! Thanks! But I knew I wadn’t done yet. So, I looked up sustain in my thesaurus. Thesaurus. Now there’s a honey of a word—tells you all kinds a words that mean the same thang as the one yer lookin’ up. WOW!

Just Like Sustain

Well, the list went on an’ on, an’ since God is God, He dudn’t play fav’rits. So, believers, what’s true for me is true for you. Our Great God is well able to sustain us, which means he can:

aid, approve, assist, back, bankroll, befriend, bolster, brace, buoy, carry, comfort, confirm, convey, defend, endorse, favor, feed, foster, go for, help, nourish, nurse, nurture, preserve, prolong, prop, provide, ratify, relieve, save, stand by, stick up for, supply, support, tote, transfer, transport, uphold, validate and verify

Add “Me”

Now, here’s the kicker. Read that list again, but this time add “me” after every one of those words. Didja do it? Take your time. Go ahead.

Lookee there! We sure do need Our Lord to sustain us, don’t we? An’ look at all the ways He does that! Well, bless you! An’ bless me! I hope yer smiling. That is some GOOD NEWS!

Idn’t God Good?



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