About Kay Harper

“I believe God loves to hear our laughter almost as much as He loves for us to know His Word.”  

The Joy of the Lord…

Kay Harper carries The Joy of the Lord as she celebrates the greatness of our God and His Holy Word. She is an actress, author, blogger, Bible storyteller, speaker and teacher who the Lord has anointed to bring Bible-based, audience-participation skits to the young, old and everyone in between. Her original, colorful characters, all mighty women of God, teach the Bible with a flair for the ridiculous and profound.

A Prodigal’s Life

Kay lived a prodigal’s life for many years before returning to the Lord 16 years ago. During that turbulent time God prepared her to let go of her will and all that had come against her to embrace the grace to be who He had made her to be—a joy builder with a heart for setting the captives free.

Sharing God’s Love

Kay is the author of Stumbling into Grace, A Prodigal Daughter’s Long Journey Home, a testimonial tale of just how far God let her go out, then like the Israelites, brought her into His Promised Land of love, mercy and grace. Through faith, she has triumphed over depression and abuse to become a founding member of The Joy Girls, a Christian study/action group in the Gulf Coast region of Florida dedicated to developing skills that build joy in relationships. She is on The Joy Girls Team, ministering to women in halfway houses as they step into faith and new Christ-centered lives.

God’s Call

Kay is dedicated to the call the Lord has on her life. “We never know what God has in store for us, but I believe He’s always (in all ways) up to good! He’s seldom early, but He’s never late, and it’s never too late to make things right with the One who created you. Press on. Jesus has the best and brightest promise, purpose and plan for each of us. Our job is to get out of the way and let Him be our guide. What does God have prepared for you? It’s time to seek and celebrate Him!”

*  *  *


“Imagine our world overflowing with laughter and love. Impossible? Not for God. He’s BIG!” 

Thank you for your interest in my blog and my book. Please help me share God’s Love, Grace and Joy!

…This day is holy to our Lord.  Do not grieve,           for joy of the Lord is your strength.               Nehemiah 8:10

Website:   http://kayharper.com/

Available at amazon.com & christianbook.com

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